Life Trellis

The Life Trellis is ancient wisdom for modern life. The Relate rung of the Trellis is where we’ll place practices that will cultivate healthy and lasting relationships

Week 1

This week we’re recapping the Life Trellis – what it is and how you can create one – and honing in on the “Relate” rung, in which we learn how to incorporate intentional community-oriented practices into our own Life Trellis.

Intro Video: Life Trellis

The Life Trellis is an ancient spiritual growth tool that can help us become more like Jesus for the good of others. Here's a quick overview of the Trellis, a little history of its origins, and a few thoughts on how it can increase your spiritual maturity.
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Commitment to Community

Do you ever feel lonely? Do you wish you had more people to celebrate with when good things happen? Or do you find yourself grieving alone? Suffering alone?
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Relationship Map - Part 1

A relationship map can help you identify who God has put in your life and how you relate to them. This is a building block activity that we’ll reference throughout the series.
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Seasons of Life with Community

Micah and Shireen kick off the series by talking about the importance of community and walking through how to map out your relationships with this week’s activity.

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